Kid's excurions

From the very beginning of the public activity of the "barba Tone" ranch, it has been open to all groups of visitors, again it is necessary to note, with prior mandatory announcement, organization and agreement. Organized groups of children of preschool age, primary school age as part of the program and students' stay in nature, as well as various informal groups of parents with children regularly come to the ranch. Various birthday and other celebrations are regularly organized at the ranch. Through many years of practice, the most effective program for children's first introduction to the "Barba Tone" ranch and the activities on the ranch has proven to be the most effective. This service of ours includes expertly organized guided tours of the ranch, sightseeing of all the animals on the ranch, use of our children's playground and slide, and special horseback riding lasting approximately 15 minutes for each child in the group, under the direct supervision and guidance of our expert. Contact us, call us on our phone number, we will immediately agree on this and similar, other services. Welcome!

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